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Corian is the original solid surface material. Created to last a lifetime it is a unique blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone-hard surface that can be shaped to meet any design or dimension, also because of the hard-wearing composition of Corian it will survive the impact nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear. 

Corian is the perfect choice for any project that focuses on hygienic and clean conditions, either for domestic projects such as kitchen worktops to commercial applications in dental practices or hospitals. This is because it is a non-porous surface which prevents dirt, stains and liquids from penetrating into the material making it very easy to clean, along with a coved upstand meaning there will not be any joints in a worktop where bacteria and mold could grow.

The patterns and colours in Corian run all the way through the material and so cannot be worn off increasing the materials durability and versatility in domestic and commercial environments. The material cannot delaminate so this ensures that all the joints used will remain inconspicuous and fluids will never penetrate through.

The main two reasons that Corian stands superior in comparison to a stone alternative is its repairable nature so when damage does occur there is a strong possibility that the material can be repaired on site compared to stone where the only option would be to replace. The other reason is its versatility as Corian has the ability to be thermoformed to follow nearly any shape or design and the inconspicuous jointing system means that we can provide you with a clean flowing finish through the entire product  

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