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Our team of joiners enabled with our fully equipped workshop can create whatever joinery need you may have from fabricating new pieces from raw timber or sheet materials, to replacing existing pieces like for like and even restoration work. Using high quality materials, precision tools and computer aided designs we provide you with a finished product of the highest quality.

Throughout our years of fabricating in our workshop we have produced some unique one of a kind pieces and this has shaped our philosophy to never shy away from designs or projects we have never encountered before. Anything that we create for you in our workshop can also be installed by our skilled site carpentry team, who will remove existing and replace in a smooth and efficient process.

Detailed below are two main categories that our workshop projects fall under which are are solid wood joinery and custom cabinetry.

Solid wood Joinery

There are a number of companies that fabricate solid wood joinery products but here at ICM we feel we come second to none thanks to our reliable and skilled craftsman who take genuine pride and care in everything that leaves our workshop. Over the years we have proved that we are a reliable company with the ability to produce joinery pieces on a smaller scale for Domestic projects and on a larger commercial scale, both areas come with their challenges that we ensure are overcome.

The journey of your finished piece of work is a complete transformation starting with a delivery of raw over-sized timber, we then rip it down to more manageable sizes and machine into perfectly square components ready for gluing and jointing. Depending on your required finish after we have combined all the components to create the finished product we can leave it as bare timber or apply an oiled, clear lacquered or primed finish in our fully functioning spray booth.

Thanks to an extensive range of mould cutters we have the ability to provide you with the finished look you have be hoping for. This also enables us to take on ornate and unique restoration work requiring more time and skill or create indistinguishable like for like replacements pieces.

See below a selection of the different types of hard and soft woods that we work with on a regular basis, each type is better suited for a different purpose depending on its use such as internal or external joinery. 

custom cabinetry

Our precision machinery allows us to create stunning units for any purpose whether its a replacement kitchen, made to measure bedroom furniture or storage units to take advantage of those small impractical spaces. Throughout our time fabricating units in our workshop we have perfected our procedures ensuring that we have that crisp clean finish on every cut and joint resulting in a finish that you will be proud to show off.

All sheets are cut using our table saw fitted with a triple tooth blade and independent scoring unit, then onto the joints that are held with dominos and screws to provide a strong hold giving you a sturdy and reliable unit. We offer a range of hardware based on your budget to use on your unit from shelf supports, draw runners, hinges and more. The finishing touch for any unit would be our spray finished infills, end panels and draw/door panels which we can also colour match to any sample.

To see a selection of the work we have completed please follow on to our gallery

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